Idwala: How It All Began
April 17, 2023

There are rural village communities that share common interests, struggles, and companionships. They like to gather together around a meal and dance, especially on Sundays when families and friends come together under trees and shelters to worship. They long for a gathering place, a worship house, that they can call their own. We noticed this and decided to get involved. In 2021, we established the Idwala Rock Foundation NPC and are working towards our Section 18 tax exemption status so that like-minded individuals or companies can join us on our journey.

We come alongside the community to equip the saints with programs that upskill family providers, secure jobs, provide supplementary education for the youth, and establish communal vegetable gardens, to name a few. The community works together for a better future filled with hope. The buildings we provide are used for these purposes during the week and become worship houses on Sundays where the saints gather to worship Jesus Christ, our Rock and firm foundation. “Idwala” means “rock” in isiZulu.

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